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Ruth A.Curry


Growing up in a multicultural home, the daughter of a Nova Scotian, Canadian Father, and Filipina mother, Ruth uses family experience and told history to motivate her work.


Ruth’s practice integrates multiple explorative mediums to evoke the internal power struggle she faces when dealing with her own cultural identity and cultural loss. Ruth states, “My work investigates and emphasizes the effects and represents the generational harm caused by my mother’s suggested assimilation into Canadian culture, personal identity, and family history. Continuously investigating and seeking answers to my lost culture; now finding comfort in the moments of limbo of my accomplishment and failure, I reclaim and represent this back and forth in my art making


Ruth combines personal history and the feelings of anxiety, disconnect, memory, bond, nostalgia, and curiosity. She represents this through the layering, repetition and manipulation of found family images while incorporating photography, drawing, textiles and collage

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